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Self Worth and Grit

Hey yall! Welcome!
 I’m glad to see you opened this session.


And I’m SO proud of you for showing up today. Seriously.

I am a survivor of several forms of abuse, one of my children is a survivor of sexual abuse, and I have several members of my close family that are also survivors of MANY forms of abuse.


I DO NOT TAKE ANY FORM of ANY abuse and its effects lightly. 


With that being said, HEALING IS HARD. It is a long, painful journey. 


And before you start to tell yourself, you aren’t sure if you can do this, STOPPPPPP!


People have told me repeatedly, “Hannah, I don’t have grit like you. I can’t do it. I’m not strong.” 


Guys, GRIT is not a personality type. It is a will to live. 


My abusers have stolen enough of my life, and I refuse to allow them to steal any more. 
And I believe that is exactly why you are here today.


You have had enough of the way things are.


You have grit.


You have a will to live.




I have a few key beliefs that you MUST commit to telling yourself even if you don’t believe them right now….


 Your value and purpose exist because you are a human being created in the IMAGE of GOD. 


God knew you before time began. He created you. He has purpose for your life, and that purpose has been THWARTED by the evil in this world. BUT GOD IS NOT DONE WITH YOU.  YOUR PURPOSE STILL EXISTS.





They can try, they can verbally and physically insult and abuse you. BUT your WORTH, your VALUE, your DIGNITY remains because you’re still here. And God, it still on the throne, HE still LOVES you, and He has a PURPOSE for your life.


THIS belief IS KEY to being able to heal. If you don’t believe you are worth anything, you won’t do the work. If you believe your life is purposeless, then you will not show up. You will not have a will to live. 


You must become indignant about it! 

Here is the definition of





1. feeling or showing anger or annoyance at what is perceived as unfair treatment


The way you have been treated IS NOT OKAY. Even if your abuser had “Good days.” That is all part of the abuse cycle (we will go over that more later). So, stand up with me and get indignant about the way you were used and abused. YOU ARE WORTHY of HEALING, and you DID NOT deserve to be abused. You did NOT ASK to be abused. They USED you. 


I have some affirmations in PDF download. Print them off and say them to yourself out loud EVERY DAY and EVERY NIGHT.


I don’t care if you feel silly, you think they’re dumb, you don’t believe them (right now) DO IT! 
You will be amazed at how it helps you transform your mindset.


I also want you to know that regardless of where you come from, the truth we discuss during this course can be applied to you if you believe them and implement them. 


  • THERE IS NOTHING TOO BAD that Jesus cannot forgive it.

  • THERE IS NOTHING TOO BAD that Jesus cannot heal it.

THERE IS NOTHING TOO BAD that Jesus cannot break its bondage on you.



We are not here to help you stay stagnant in a powerless victim state.
 We are here to help you break victimhood off of you!


The key to this program being successful is YOU. 
You must show up. You must embrace healing and recovery. 


We CANNOT DO the healing FOR YOU. 


But Our promise to you:

We will be here FOR YOU every step of the way.


Together Brave is a place where everyone is:


With that, I want to THANK YOU for choosing to come into this space and begin to trust me and trust the process of Together Brave curriculum. 
Watch and Re-watch these sessions as many times as you need to.
It’s IMPERATIVE that you let the words of truth begin to take root inside your mind and heart. 


Also, provided below are some links to powerful affirmation videos. These videos have pulled me through dark days and helped me continue pushing to be a little bit better every day. I created a YouTube playlist and listen to them every morning as I’m doing my morning routines. 


Below are study questions for you. PLEASE do them. Like I said earlier, healing is hard work, and it is going to take TIME and EFFORT.


I’m SOOOO PROUD of you for making it through this session! 



  1. What are your personal reasons for watching these videos?

  2. What do you hope to leave with?

  3. What are 3 lies you have believed about yourself as a result of your abuse?  

  4. What are 3 fears that are/were holding you back from healing?

  5. Are you committed to healing?


Do you believe you ever were/are valuable?

 Why, or why not?

  7. What do you think God thinks of you?

Here is what God TRULY thinks about YOU.

  • List scriptures……..

Now that this is over, go do something that refreshes you--if you don’t know what helps you feel refreshed try some of these:


  • Take a walk

  • Take a bath while playing some peaceful music

  • Bake something

Take a 20-minute nap

  • Write

  • Work out

  • Do yoga

  • Go for a drive



Together Brave. Downloads(2).png

Click the icon to download the affirmations

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