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Meet The Founder

Welcome! TogetherBrave has been a long time vision of mine. I wanted to create an online space where survivors of abuse can come and have truth poured over them in a safe and non-pressured way.


The truths I cover in my course have been crucial for me to recognize and apply personally in order to start my healing journey. My hope and prayer is that I can create a bit of a shortcut for others and help them realize these same truths so they can begin to heal. The goal of my mini course is to create a bridge from a toxic, destructive existence to hope and healing.


At the end of the course, I want you to come out on the other side knowing:

1. What is wrong
2. How to fix it
3 When to ask for further help

I am your average gal. I'm a wife, mom, dog mom, friend, in-home child care provider. I am also a survivor of mental, emotional, spiritual, and sexual abuse. My only credentials are life experience at the school of hard knocks. But by learning the hard way, I know I can help you.


At the very least, I can say, "Me too." 


If you are here because you have been abused and you're looking for some hope, thank you for giving me the honor of sharing my life and lessons with you. I pray you find what you are looking for.

Much Love,


TogetherBrave exists to help you build a bridge

to hope and healing

Want to Connect?

PO Box 21183, Cheyenne, WY 82003

Thank you for trusting us!

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